thankyou list

So many people have been amazing on this project, and we would like to thank them here.


Silas and Arabella would like to extend many thanks to Liz Ogilvie and Yoshihito Kawabata.

Arabella would like to thank – John Hope, Diana Hope, Kito Colchester, Mette-Mara Vimba, Georgie Knox Hope, Masahiro Kawanaka, Zu Kalinowska, Solanne Bernard, and Julie Gaspard from evbg Berlin.

Silas would like to thank – Gill Parry and Henry Mathias, Andrea Roe, Alastair Brown and Douglas Chatham from ECA, Stephen Palmer from Creative Scotland, Sally Buxton from ECA, Ropes Direct, Edinburgh Bargain Stores, DAS Outdoors, Dale and Daniel from Arts Complex, Kasia Jackowska and Thomas Anderson from Summerhall, Roz Gomersall, Susanna Beaumont, Anna Malone and Leith Theatre… and most importantly Wendy Diana Holyer – whose design and fabric skills were fundamental to the success of this work – her email is

And, we’d like to plug Chihiro Sato, who was our excellent japanese/english translator – her email is She has great experience within the art industry.



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