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The concept of hungry ghosts derives from Tibetan Buddhism, and is familiar across Asia… The hungry ghost describes humans caged by intense emotional needs – those consumed by greed and addiction in life, will be condemned to an endless search for satisfaction in the afterlife.

These exhibitions explore the driving forces and consequences of compulsion, in the consumerist and technological societies of Scotland and Japan.



Hungry Ghost Engines’ return to Patriothall Gallery (4-19th May 2019) from Osaka, will be the culmination of several years creative dialogue between Scotland and Japan. The artists will share this journey over two events::


IMAGINING THE HUNGRY GHOSTS INTO OUR LIVES                                                                              Artists talks, Sunday 5th May, 2-4pm

In this accompanying talk and discussion, Silas and Arabella will consider the evolution of their own practices, and the process of coming together for this two-person exhibition. The talks will particularly focus on the progression of materials, works and concepts for Hungry Ghost Engines over the project’s one-year development period.

The event will then be opened to a wider discussion around the themes of the exhibition, asking questions like; how are hungry ghosts created by consumerism? How should we balance studio work with the apocalypse? How can culture help appease the hungry ghosts?

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MAKING THE HUNGRY GHOSTS REAL FOR OTHERS                                                                                Artists talks and discussions, Saturday 11th May, 2-4pm

Here the artists will share what they’ve learnt working with a Japanese team to bring Hungry Ghost Engines to Osaka and Edinburgh. The talks will focus on the practical buildup to the exhibition, and the joys and challenges of taking a project from germination to installation and display in a Japanese context.

The event will then be opened to a wider discussion to ask questions like; how do we deepen artistic connections between Scotland and Japan? What opportunities are there in Japan for Scottish artists, and vice versa? What are the practical steps we can take to germinate projects overseas? And how do we grow these opportunities into something more lasting?

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