Silas Parry CV

My practice uses sculptural form and installations to explore our rapidly changing world, with recurring themes of ecological destruction, the non-human and science-fiction futures.  I’m interested in how art can help us navigate a changing ecology, alongside the other organisms that share our world.

My sculptures and installations combine a conceptual approach with large-scale, colourful and exuberant aesthetics. I’m drawn to synthetic materials that emerge from our dependance on technology and progress – but I like to ground these in forms that reflect organic and biological processes.

The title of this exhibition derives from Tibetan Buddhism; the hungry ghost is familiar across Asia. The hungry ghost describes humans caged by intense emotional needs – those consumed by greed and addiction in life, will be condemned to an endless search for satisfaction in the afterlife.

My work for the exhibition focuses on the environmental impact of our addiction to progress… and how other organisms both affect, and are affected by these engines of change.


2018 –  Creative Scotland Open Project Funding

             Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust

2016 –  Hope Scott Trust

            The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

           Edinburgh Council in partnership with Creative Scotland Emerging Artists Bursary

2014 – Edinburgh Council in partnership with Creative Scotland Visual Artists Award


2016 –  Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan

            Shiro Oni, Onishi, Japan

2015 – Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh

2014 – Vermont Studio Center, United States


2018 –  Worms of Surplus, Hidden Door Festival, invited artists programme, Edinburgh

2017 –  Spirit Probe, Sanctuary 2017, Galloway Dark Skies Forest


2017 – Surf ’N’ Turf, Six-Foot Gallery, Glasgow

2015 – The Mayer Wenn Prediction, AnotherSidewalk Gallery, Berlin

           Possibility of Another Place, Summerhall, Edinburgh

2014 – Possibility of Life, Summerhall, Edinburgh


2018 – Hungry Ghost Engines 2, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Japan


2017 –  Annuale, Embassy Gallery Programme, Edinburgh

            All At Once, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh

            A New Prescription For Insomnia, Horse and Pony Fine Arts, Berlin

2016 –  Kanna Falls Art Festival, Itoshima, Japan

            Night Shift, Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh

            Ying Colloseum, Moritsplatz, Berlin

            Vomit Apocalypse, Beco Building, Glasgow

2015 – 9th International Dada Festival, Divo Institute, Kolin, Czech Republic

            Ying Colloseum, Another Sidewalk Gallery, Berlin

2013 – Umspannzentralle, G11 Gallery, Berlin

           The Grand Salon, MJC Monplaisir, Lyon

           Die Spiegelung, HAD Kunstsalon, Berlin

           Prints From, Knoth and Kruger Gallery, Berlin

           Paintings From, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh

2012 – Autonomous Rooms, ZMF Gallery, Berlin

           Berlin Represented, Max Kade Cultural Centre, Cincinnati

           FutureSonic, Victoria Baths, Manchester